NORAD Tracks Santa Claus App Reviews

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App Doesn’t Work IPhone X

I have been using this app for several years to track Santa and used to love it. The latest version has completely failed and is useless on iPhone X. I thought I would just go to the NORAD Santa website on my new MacBook Pro but that failed too. The developers of NORAD Santa have completely failed and should be ashamed. I have found another Santa Tracket that actually works on the iPhone and used it to track Santa last night. I wish I could give this app ZERO stars as it is a complete failure, but unfortunately I can’t.

Uhhhh what

I thought it would be fun to track santa and see where he is and how close to me he is, but every time I tried opening the app, it was stuck on the loading page, could you please fix this for next year?

Rudolph has no eyes!

I love this app but when I get closer, I see Rudolph has no eyes! One thing you can fix is the cartoon Rudolph. He needs eyes to see where he is going!

Fun but Inaccurate

I was watching Santa go through North Korea but he didn't get shot down missiles.

Absolute trash!

All it does it bring you to the website. Highly disappointing. WILL NOT be using again in the future

Doesn’t do anything...

Just downloaded the app to track Santa. All this does it take you to the website. It doesn’t do any of the stuff displayed in the pictures... this app is completely useless and pointless... 😕

Crap app.

It just sends you to their website. WHATS THE POINT?

Not a good update for this year!

Not very good app for this year slow and clumsy when the map finally does load when you touch it to zoom in or out or to re adjust map the earth will spin 180 degrees all by its self would give it a 0-star rating if it was possible!


I love this app!! It’s has become a family tradition to track Santa and I love it. I’m quite mad people go around and say Santa isn’t real. Liars. They have no proof. Yes, the Santa Claus at the mall aren’t real. That’s it!! MERRY CHRISTMAS🎄

Takes forever

It takes forever to load on my iPhone

Won't even open

Waste of time. Total FAIL.


All it does is load...and if you click on the camera-it also doesn’t work. What’s the point in having a tracker if it doesn’t work on the night “Santa” is out. Good thing I didn’t have my child watching. Disappointment to say the least

Not the app it was

The app didn’t load following the last update. After reloading the app it now redirects to safari where it loads slowly. It works, but not like the 2016 version did.

It just opens the web site

I downloaded the app because the web site doesn’t load. The app just opens the web site… which doesn’t load. Now I’ll never know where Santa is.

NORAD nothing tracker

If Apple keeps a closed system and so carefully reviews each program submitted why have they allowed this piece of garbage to continue on its site?!? APPLE! REMOVE THIS GARBAGE!! It simply doesn’t work!


There are much better Santa trackers in the App Store that look realistic. When you push the Let Go! Button in the app it just takes you to the website of the NORAD Santa tracker. I suggest using WhereIsSantaLite and Santa Tracker. Whoever made the NORAD app is extremely cheap and lazy. It’s no fun. It’s 9:45 at night it says Christmas isn’t for another day and six hours when most kid will open up their presents in 12 hours which is confusing to kids. This is possibly the worst tracker app. NORAD should find another volunteer who actual cares about the kids to make the best app in the App Store. Get it together NORAD. If you can’t even make an app how does that reflect on our national security.


Worked fine last year...this year it takes me to the website. What's the point in having an app if I have to go to the website to view info!?? Boooo!!👎👎👎

Won't load

Stuck on "loading" back to the island of misfit toys." : (

Just a web redirect

Come on guys. Native iOS Santa tracker with notifications based on locations please! Our kids deserve better

Not working this year

Never would launch.

Where’s Santa?

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. ( Pretty good. I’m looking at you. ) But I️ don’t seem to be able to find him on this app. The older version was so much better.

It is not loading

It’s not loading. At all. Just the opening screen sits there.

Doesn’t launch.

Sits and spins with a blank screen.

Doesn’t work

Just hangs there.


Just because you don’t think Santa is real doesn't mean Thant you can ruin the imagination of sweet innocent kids. But anyways it’s absolutely amazing 😄😊

App is not fully functional

You can see Santa making his way around the earth but if you click on one of the cameras from where he’s he’s been it pulls up some garbage Wikipedia description of the place but no photo or video. Very disappointing for the kids. Make sure the app is fully functional before you release it.

Fun App to Track Santa

A fun little App to track Santa with. Games and other interactive items to have fun with while waiting on Santa to arrive.

Slow Loading

This app takes almost 30 seconds to load (iPhone 7, iOS 11.2.1). Really NORAD? All that military technology and a kid can write an app that loads quicker. And the Santa Tracker itself is not even in the app. It’s redirected to Safari. Leave it to a government organization to mess up something so simple.

Not working

There is no count down and it takes forever to load. Once it does to redirects you to a webpage. It used to all be in the app and the kids looks forward to it each year but now it’s more of a pain.

Most important part doesn't work!!!

Can't see where Santa is and the countdown is stuck at 0. We've used this since the ago was introduced for our kids. Very disappointed! Only work on the computer.


Link just takes you the to website to track Santa. Website just spins with “loading”.


App doesn’t even open

Opens Safari

That’s all the tracker does is open Safari. Awful.


App just takes you to their website....

What’s the point…

App takes you to the World Wide Web page.

Horrible app

When I used the app I assumed it would be perfect. But nope, it actually takes me to a safari web page instead of it being in the app. That’s why I only gave it 2 stars. Never using this app again. I HATE when apps do that to me.

Kind of pointless

App just takes you to a website.


This app is cool. I love looking to see where Santa is. Ps To the person who said Santa wasn’t real... you lied. Santa is the spirit of giving... I’m 43 years old and I still believe in Santa..

Good app

We use it every year. Like the new features.

Major problems! Do NOT download!

All this app seems to do -- when you're trying to track Santa -- is to open up a web page! The app requires an Internet connection. Is this app from NORAD or the NSA?! In the app itself, buttons are often unresponsive, but when they finally work, they take you to pages with ads for other products. Apple should remove this app, and NORAD should be ashamed of being involved -- if it really is!

Do Not Bother

The app just opens up Safari and brings you to their website. I am very disappointed, it worked well last year.


‘Pretty good’ - you are exactly what is wrong with this world - has to write and say things to harm just for the sake of writing and saying them. Is it because if you aren’t saying them you will go unnoticed? You need a hobby my friend and the maker of this all - considering your audience needs to take their post down! Who would post such a think for kids to read? Clearly a lifeless pos. My kids can read and are full believers in Santa whether it be him exactly or the manic the story of him brings. If you don’t that’s fine but let those who actually enjoy life have their moment! Enjoy your coal! What good is the app if the comments ruin the whole experience?

Works As Well As The Government

Nuf said.

App won’t open

Download app on iPhone X and it just locks and doesn’t go past first screen. Disappointed

Slow app with iOS 11.2

Doesn't work well, and slow to open. Please fix it


All it does is open up to the website. I could have done that! What a waste.

Does not open

Will not open on either iPad or iPhone running iOS 11.

It opens a web page???

So all the app does is open a web page ??


When you click on the camera icons, nothing loads

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